Hand Crafted and Made-To-Order using 100% Body-Safe Platinum Cure Silicone


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About Eros Foundry

We create anatomically designed, modern, elegant & sophisticated erotic creations

Eros Foundry was created with the idea that there was space for a more sculptural and artistic approach to sex toys. Rather than creating overly-realistic imitations, energy and time are directed to creating anatomically focused, elegant, and modern erotic sculptures.

Every model starts as a hand-sculpted concept, never 3D printed, and each item is a result of tens of hours of work in sculpting and shaping alone. A great network of support allows for feedback and testing before the product is brought to market, assuring the best results for our customer.

Form and function must come into perfect alignment to create the best experience, resulting in a unique, striking, and pleasurable object d'art.

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